Monday, June 15, 2015

JD 7400 A Screen and blower holder

I have been busy making items need for shop and equipment .The New Mig welder sure speed projects up . 
This project involved being able to service engine bay ,protection for operator , and easy access to a hand blower . 
Rough units spend most of their days out and about on the course during play . 
Pretty high priority to get screens on theses units and the 8800's . 
On the  7400A we are mounting hand blowers to help with clean up around the Tee areas .

Pretty easy making a couple of frames to set screens in to tac. 

Don't weld to ROPS . These are tacked on roof framing and zip tied to ROPS. Making a couple of hooks made blowers easy to access . I can still do regular service to the machine . Bonnet clears without any issues with the blower off.

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