Monday, June 15, 2015

JD 7400 A Screen and blower holder

I have been busy making items need for shop and equipment .The New Mig welder sure speed projects up . 
This project involved being able to service engine bay ,protection for operator , and easy access to a hand blower . 
Rough units spend most of their days out and about on the course during play . 
Pretty high priority to get screens on theses units and the 8800's . 
On the  7400A we are mounting hand blowers to help with clean up around the Tee areas .

Pretty easy making a couple of frames to set screens in to tac. 

Don't weld to ROPS . These are tacked on roof framing and zip tied to ROPS. Making a couple of hooks made blowers easy to access . I can still do regular service to the machine . Bonnet clears without any issues with the blower off.

Fairway Dew drag rack

Recently we had our fairway dew drag system fail . Chris gave the go ahead to see what I can come up with . Had to be gender friendly so anyone could go out and dew drag the fairways . 
Cut pieces of 1.5 tube stock . I went with 20 Ft. length in total.. 

Laid out the center section on scissor lift . I wound up cutting the hitch shaft at a 30 degree angle offset  to get it higher off the ground . 


Welding up brackets and home made hinges to get a trial version made for tomorrow .

There is a nice square tube mid section to run the square stock through on the TX running chains midway out to pull frame for support . The mid bar can stay on the gator . I'm using pins to hold them on the gator end ,on the pull bar the chains are  welded on . 

 Fold up. in.....throw the rope in the back and drive to the next fairway or across the bridges .Added some end caps incase they drag in a few areas on the course.

Tried it out knocking some clumps down . Worked pretty well . The true test will be tomorrow .Lots of factors to deal with , I'm sure there will be a dew drag rack 1.1 soon . LOL. A good starting point .

Home made  hinge

The plate dead centre of picture I added to offset the force on the bar while it's pulling .I will take the pressure off the hinge .

Chain directly welded to pull frame

Just wrapped the rope over the end and zip tied it then capped it with 3" elbows we had from irrigation stock .

Chain from pull bar is pined to mid framing of the TX gator . Convenient hole for the bar to go through .

After the first time out I also added these plate to keep it from rocking back and forth in transit .

Ready for paint .

Another picture of mid frame pin .

Looks pretty good all done .

Officially Day 1 here at The Links at Brunello . The crew are doing a great  job staying ahead of play for their morning duties . A bit of a learning curve having had the course to them selves for so long .

Quit a few weeks running it and made a few alterations .Running strong a few dings and bends ,,,but still goes out daily now with no issues .

Also Made Golf Course  Industry Magazine .

Sweet !!!!

Check out Travels with Terry in This months Golf Course Industry Magazine .

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Opening day this Saturday

The excitement is peaking and will be open for business on Saturday . Course is looking fantastic .

Course construction crew will be heading out after a job well done . Great bunch of guys .

I'd also like to thank...Ralph  from Lawsons and Kim from Auto choice for supplies and tools needed for a modern shop . 

My shop and supplies are 99% to where I'd like to be and very happy with the results and to have the opportunity to start a shop from scratch . Thanks Chris ...Miles

Great crew here .

The fun just starting .