Saturday, May 16, 2015

String trimmer shop rack

At the new shop we where in a bit of rush getting things in and organized before the grass started to take off . I'm 90% to where I want to be in shop set up ,tool and parts room .  Made a rack this week . The new MIG welder is fantastic for fabrication work . We only had a stick welder at the old shop at took longer to weld things up . Having the argon gas hooked up, I can tack things together quickly with out the fumes . I did notice the arcing is a little more intense . I wound up having a little sun burn on the inside of my arms and will have to invest in some leather sleeves for future projects .

This is the old racking for the gear till it was time to build something better.This time making it portable in case we wanted to place it in a different area in the future . 

1.5" tube stock and 3/8 rod made quick work on the project . Laying out the outside measurements and welded them up . Then marking out where snippers where going I held and tac rods in place an eye ball the angles wanted and weld up afterwards  . 

With the chop saw it was about a  45 minutes to an hour project . Surprising how quick everything came together . 

Nice clean look .Even have the snipper cord hanging up .Room for another 3 or 4 in the future

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