Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Grinders in

The're here!!! After moving them in and looking at the space The guys helped me move them around to get the best flow in the work space . Once the rotary grinder comes in it will sit in the middle so I can use the lift table as a bench . 

Bernhard 3000 MC . Has a nice ramp to lift reels up to grind . 

Anglemaster 3000 MC for bedknives 

Reel thinning attachment . I may use it to do fairway units in winter to lessen the spin grind time during the summer months . My good friend and buddy Al from the New Ashburn came over to show me some pointers on set up . They have had Bernard grinders for a few years now .
We did the grand tour of the nearly completed maintenance building . He is pretty impressed . 

Bedknife grinder is similar to my old  Foley with the exception of the auto grind . After the initial setting the next bedknife sets up pretty quick . 

Spin grinder set up went pretty good . I think I may have gotten some dud tighten nuts or I don't know my own strength ( barely snug down and slips on threads ). After talking to Veseys they will send out another set of them ASAP. Bill offered his set off their machine but I think I'll be all right for a little while . 

Wow is all I can say . First time grinding on new system and a different reel ( JD 7500 Fairway unit) Next 3 set up dead on and for a light touch up and proper tools I'm figuring 15 to 20 minutes a reel from removal to install . The JD bedknife is easy to remove to grind and should be quick to do when I remove them for front facing when machines on the lift . Small learning curve but will be up to speed in no time . Set up after the grind went pretty quick for the first time . Only have the one left on Monday .

Rob and I set up the 3 in one welder . Set it up for MIG welding . Had to give it a go ,my first time MIG welding . After initial settings and doing a few beads and playing around with gas pressure and wire feed I can see I'll be very good at this in no time . Rob got himself set up to do a rack project for me to hold shovels ,rakes etc.  Went with .35 bare wire and was surprised how clean it was with the lack of smoke that stick welder produce .Its great have senior staff that can help out !!

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