Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fertilizer Spreader rack for hitch

Making things easier for the guys . I have made something similar at the old shop and they enjoyed using them their too . Recently on Twitter a wheel version was posted and the Assistant liked the idea and wondered if it would be possible to build some  for them.

Here is the first one build.

Cut the 1.5 " tube stock to size by laying it out around the spreader . I also used 1.5 " angle for inside and outside of wheels to help keep them in . The tube stock should be out enough so that the inside angle are just touching the axle . Laying it out on a piece of tubing worked pretty well .  The 1.25 " hitch you could cut off and slide into tube . 

Nothing to do with project . Just pointing out that when I first saw the scissor lift I didn't think I would use it . It may be one of the favourite tools in the shop  as uses seem to pop up for it everyday .  

Laying out the first one behind the TX Gator to tack in place . Keeping the spreader as close as possible to the tailgate .

Tac in place then had this set up to latch the bar down . 

Final set up . Worked great . We sent it out with a strap pulling spreader forward but found it wasn't needed . 

So on the second one I just welded the bar bracket in place . Nice little project .

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