Friday, May 8, 2015

Busy ..productive week here at my shop

Lots going on at the presentation centre . Heavy machinery clearing and levelling land . Cart barn is looking good . I also managed to escape the shop an take in the sites of the front 9 holes . Joel the assistant superintendent  took me on a tour of the back 9 today after making some adjustment on the greens mowers ( first cut ).A few pictures of the course . Wintered very well and has green up dramatically since these pictures from a couple of days ago . 

Pave cart paths all the way around the course.

Awesome looking course .

Turf looks great  everywhere.

Some interesting scenery between holes . 

Sunny and warm all week will bring the course back to life soon . The guys have been busy getting traps back in shape and clearing brush . Big task and a job well done . 

Pretty cool to drive across one of the bridges spanning the roadway . 

I'm the Newbie here so you have to forgive me if I'm wrong . I think its #8 from the tee. 

Fairways are looking fantastic . Irrigation is being fired up this week and the coming rain next week will really kick things in to a start of the growing season . 

Managed to service a few pieces of gear from last season . 

Below was my front  9 tour interruption ..Lol Thanks Nick .

Second time grinding on this system and first time grinding one of these mowers . If you you have good basic reel theory and have been around a lot of different equipment you can figure it out easily . To me this mower reel to bedknife adjustment  was very similar to the old Jacobson tow behind gang units . The top of the shield had to be removed to get the machine on . 

Both machine ground in fairly quickly . 

Bedknive grinding while I was setting up the reel mower .

Electrician in to wire up the lift , compressor and building venting fans . Now it feels like a shop having a working lift and compressed air . 

Finished plumbing in the air lines . Turned on the air and heard a little pop in the shop . I knew exactly what happened . The previous week Ralph  from Lawson was setting up some bins and supplies for me an mention that I forgot to solder a joint . Hence the pop. Lol . Soldered it up and the the lines are air tight . Didn't here the compressor kick in unless it was being used . Perfect. 

First fabrication project . I learned a few things about the Mig welder set up and can make pretty good welds actually very good welds now . This is an old fairway unit . First thing I had to do is remove all the unnecessary lines and plug them . Console had to be opened up to take out lift /lower lever and PTO lever .  

Took a little doing to get an easy access to the fuel tank fill .

Mounted the wind shield and continued filling areas with mesh . 

Custom door .

Had to remove the steps to get the bracket down low enough so it could pivot up or down evenly . 

Turned out OK for a 3 day project working around a routine . A  little paint , grease and engine oil change it should last a long time as a range ball picker . Starting to number machines and will have to get more service supplies ordered in to have on hand . Most of the fleet is new and will need engine oil and filter + hydro filters changed at 50 hrs. Then I'll get my service routines and charts figured out .

Feels like a shop now and getting more comfortable in my new surroundings .

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