Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Shop update

It's been a an extra long winter.Next week is looking up for double digit temperatures . Won't be long and will be scurrying to get caught up . Some greens were check ( Bent grass) and are looking really good so will let nature takes its course .Ventrac is coming back out for demo to see how it does for snow removal . Where going to try it out on the cart paths . Shops coming along great ...still working on mechanicals .Rotary lift should be in this week and tools /some supplies and shop equipment also ordered . Won't be long and I'll be taking the painting cap off and get back to what I do best . I didn't realize how much is involved to get a new building finished . The team at Brunello are all working hard to get into the offices and set up shop before the weather breaks . Cart barn has broke ground and should be ready in time for new Club Cars to arrive . I think we will have a dozen of the 4 seater too besides the regular models . The 4 passenger are pretty cool looking . Hope every course wintered well and have a great up coming season . 

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