Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's Christmas for me at Brunello

Just got back from taking an electrical trouble shooting course for the ERIC system  (Club Car) some of which can be applied to the older systems. We broke up in groups to find the gremlins the instructor had put into 4 carts . It was a pretty good time and we all learn a few things . Thanks Veseys for putting it on . 

This morning I came into the shop to find a good chunk of my tool order in .
Woo-Hoo better than Christmas morning .

Compressor /welder and tool boxes .

Laying all the tools I have so far on the bench . The guys had the ordered all checked off with the invoice . 

You should always check your orders as you get them and write on slip and drivers slip if some things missing . 

Started off with the tool boxes first of course . It will be a little trial an error of where to put the tools . At my last shop I had a tool board for some tools to work from . 

Double check the welder Thermal-arc was bought by a company ( it is the Thermal-arc with a different paint job). Stick/mig and tig welder . Decided to get the matching cart made for it .Has a few slots for trays and a bottle rack . 

Assembling parts washer . Decided to do my own this time around . I found it wasn't used that much and avoiding the extra cost of a contract serviced one . 

Getting a few items set up . Doing my best to get it right for me the first time around . Lawsons order coming in any time now. Still lots to do metal bench tops ..vices .. bench grinder etc ..etc .. Moving the air compressor and running lines next week . Shops looking good and coming together nicely . Service supplies and a few part room items left to order and I should be back in business.

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