Friday, April 17, 2015

Busy week at the New Shop

My office set up just waiting for phone lines /internet and laptop to start make list and charts for the shop .
We are days away from water hook up . Soon will be a fully functioning shop .

Guys spent a lot of time clearing the cart paths of snow and few greens to speed up the melting . Greens are looking great. 

Still a lot of snow around even the lake ice hasn't broken up yet . We spent the week emptying carts and organizing shops .

Received  commercial racking and moved them around a few times till we where all happy with the set up . 

 Some of the racks will palletize off season items for storage .

The old PGM trailer worked pretty good to move the blower around last winter for snow removal at the housing complexes. 

Lift still needs to be wired up and tools and some supplies should be here any day now . 

My shop has a couple of commercial propane heaters ,Almost ready to go . 

All the gas cylinders arrived and set aside out of harms way.

My first order of metal in to make racks and hangers for small engines and mixing tank etc. 

Parts room  temporarily being used for items with out a home yet .  

Sod cutters here . Good pick . This model has been bullet prof from my past experience with them . 

Scissor lift . Had a little problem figuring out a place to use it but the Super made a great suggestion and it found a home by the lift . 

More new green gear in today . The last fairway unit . HDX D in the back is temporarily storing  the 846 pro core . Found a good home for it but ran out of time today to pick it off the workman . Just a few more pieces to complete the puzzle . 

And one of the rough units came for the ride too. 

Getting some set ups for gear in the shop .

Looking great I should have enough room for 4 more Tee mowers and trailers . I always like keeping them where I can see them . Scissor lift looks good there . The gear on the right are from the golf course construction company . I've been getting a list of equipment to be serviced and or repaired from last season . Excitement is building as we start seeing the final product . It will be go time soon as more staff start trickling  in .

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