Friday, March 13, 2015

Last Day at Ashburn

Going to miss this old shop . Put a lot work into it over the years to making it a functional equipment maintenance shop .Spent the last couple of days cleaning things up and getting rid of any confusing items around ( we like to pack rat in this side of the business) that we saved for a rainy day or reuse to make something else . When I came here from the New course 13+ years ago it was in need of a lot of upgrades to bring it into a modern day shop it is now . The club has spent the money to increase productivity and ease of maintaining equipment . Also another big factor is that the equipment manufacturers have improved their respective gear for maintenance . Hopefully the new technician  is from this field and will easily take over from where I left off . But we are a rare breed and can be hard to replace . Most likely it will be a mechanic from a different field that will have figure things out as he /she goes . Hence my blog . When I first started there wasn't much information out there and learning from the school of hard knocks can be trying in this go..go.. environment during the growing season . Even higher now with the demand for perfect course conditions of the modern day golf course.
I tried to make it as easy a transition as possible labelling items and their use plus leaving my note book for the past 2 seasons will be a huge help .

This area needed attention to get the used filter bin out of the way . Looks better now . Filter charts etc. are all up for equipment maintenance . The trick is being able to develop the skills at trouble shooting and setting up cuts on equipment while dealing with daily mechanical repairs that come in .( routine part of the job )  some are repairs or adjustments and other times it's a little retraining to resolve an issue . Hopefully they don't run when they read my Monday routine after the weekends . Lol 

Lifts all cleaned up .Recently inspected .

Floors cleaned up even in the nooks and crannies .

A few more pictures of the shop 

Hydraulic hoses making station .

Grinders serviced and clean ready to grind when needed. I like to leave them covered .Looks like it might be a while before their used again . Come on spring. 

All ready to go for the next Mechanic .

Place looks great .

Starting at The Links of Brunello on Monday .
Looking forward to the new challenges laying ahead of me .
Not often if ever does an opportunity like this presents its self in this business and area .  


  1. GOOD equipment tech's are hard to find in this business. For those of you who don't know Bob, He is the best in the business. I have worked on courses all over Canada, low budget to high budget . With almost 20 years off and on working on a golf course, I have had the privilege to work with Bob for 4 of them. Congrats Bob on your new venture. Well deserved.

    John Gillis

  2. Thanks for the kind remarks John.

  3. Good Luck Bob!! I enjoyed reading your blog. Hopefully you will continue do to blog at your new job.

    Jim Belden

    1. Yes the blog will continue on. Once things settle in.

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