Monday, January 26, 2015

Toro Front rotary deck roller rebuild

During the winter maintenance I knew the front roller bearings on the sidewinder were on their way out . The bearings felt dry and rolled very easily . I managed to make them last by spraying cable lube around the bearing area hoping the grease would solidify inside the bearing . Now is a good time to replace them before the bearing lets go completely . They are very hard to get them out if it happens plus the shaft ( bolt ) will be damaged .    

Started out by using a piece of 3/8 mild steel rod and driving one bearing out . 

Using the press to push the other one out by using the spacer sleeve inside roller . 

Pic of sleeve

Using a small extension and socket that match the shaft . Invert the socket like this keeps the business end from getting damaged .

The new style bearings are to be driven in with a special tool . My impact 1 1/4 socket was the perfect fit . As long as it doesn't damage the casing on the bearing and pushes evenly on the outside edge . 

New bearing number

Inner spacer shaft looks pretty bad but its mostly built up grass clippings ..came right off on the wire wheel .

Both bearing out .

I like to put grease inside cavity before installing bearings .

New bearing on the left . The're a little beefer. 

Press in the first bearing 

Lining up the inner spacer and bearing using the shaft/bolt.

I'll press in the second bearing .

Check the shaft bolt for wear.

Non grease-able bearings during the season I use cable lube .Some gets in when it's liquid and gels up inside . I did get over 2000 Hrs. on the old set . 


Put some med (blue) loctite on the treads and re-install on machine

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