Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Toro 5410 Reelmaster steering seeping hydraulic fluid

We have had both units start seeping from the top of steering pump . You can see when it starts by the oily stain in front of floor pan ( pic below) I have a feeling it's either from adjusting the steering wheel to get of machine or operators using the wheel to get on the machine . It will slowly progress to dripping down the steel hydraulic lines of the pump to the center reel .  

Not a big job to remove . 4 bolts here .

Now you can get access to front clip bolts .

When removing a screw head bolt ... loosen the nut end first ..otherwise you wind up stripping the screw head .

2 more bolts on top and remove front clip. 

Pic of front support bracket for pump .

Check this steering coupler . If worn out ..replace . Also grease well when re-installing . Check and or replace roll pin ..they have been known to snap. 

Coupler slides over pump .But first the Allan head bolts have to be removed . The large ones have a 9/16 nut ( wrench size) that can be held from the underside . . 

The smaller ones hold the steering column to pump . #5 metric Allan wrench . Takes a bit of maneuvering the steering to and fro to get them off . 

2 front support bracket bolts and it should all pull off in one piece .

Leaving the pump behind . 

Stands on the steering wheel pretty nicely . 

Originally we had one pump go on the older model . A new one was ordered . My thoughts was to get one rebuilt at a local hydraulic shop. To my surprise was a little more than the rebuild kit . Since we have quit a few machines with the same pump between both courses it would prevent major down time . To order or get one rebuilt your looking at a possible week. 

You can mark where each lines goes before removal . They will pretty much stay in their positions.

 Support both sides when removing hydraulic lines .Start here and do this side and then the same on the other.

Transfer fittings to rebuilt pump . 

reattach lines in reverse order . No need to crank them on . I think they where a half flat torque ( means tighten till you feel resistance and turn one half a flat (the flat sections of nut ) Bottom left first  ..  

Loosely attach steering column and start up machine and check for leaks and operation . Let run till operating temperature .  

Getting the small Allan head bolts to pump is made easier by using this ball headed Allan key . 

Almost done . After doing this 3 times I can change one out in an hour if the steering connections not fused to pump.

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