Thursday, November 27, 2014

Foley Bedknife grinder setting .

I have had this grinder for years and tear down and clean up every off season . It always seem to grind a little of the ends of newly mounted bedknives . In the past set up on most reels were OK 80% of the time . Some would cut on the ends but not the middle as well as they could . A light backlap takes care of it . Recently after grinding a new bedknife I put the front face against a new not mounted bedknive and notice the gap in direct relation to my problem . Hmm . me thinking . The front face is not usually if ever distorted .top face on the other hand always are because no to bedbars are the same after a few seasons use .   

Sooo .. I decided to mount a new bedknive and backed this center brace off so only the ends would touch . I kept adjusting it till I could hear the same drag across the entire knife . 

Set up was dead on with little to no contact 

3 reels in a row . OEM HP bedknives  Sweet !!!

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  1. 7 reels later even on different makes jac/toro still easily setting up with light to no Contact.