Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Projects

Tee renovations continued this season . Here at the Old Course # 10 , 12 and 15 are near completion . We had an outside contractor come in to do the work .

All the big gear rolled in last week .

The smaller of the 2 excavators . Made quick work on the tee decks . They look great.

#10 tee

Slightly bigger and better angled to the green for more tee block placements . 

# 15 Tee clean up and expanded quite a bit . I'll have to get a few picks of #12 . Seems I deleted them by mistake . At #12 we removed the 2 decks and made one then also created a forward tee . Sod should be arriving today . Crew will be laying sod all day tomorrow . Renting a Track hoe with forks will take them out to their site by the pallet load . Saves a lot of wear and tear on equipment . 

a couple of pictures #12 tee  new forward tee

In the backround we took the two tee decks and made one extra large one . The boys have the tee play surface sodded . Lots of sod left over to do 3/18 over and some repairs around the course . Spent a little time making a temporary nursery for some of the sod . 

All the Toro gear working great some are showing their age . Over all a fantastic summer . Hard to believe it's coming to and end soon already .Greens are looking good and recovered well from last winters chaos. 

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