Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Toro sidewinder ..Sidewinder Hydraulic Ram Replaced

Recently our sidewinder flipped over in a trap . After getting it going and running for a while I noticed a leak under the machine . The ram may have bent and a new one was ordered . This hydraulic ram can not be rebuilt . 

New part arrived today ready for install . It was about an hour job having to free up a few parts .

Take the left wheel off .The left step plate has to be removed to get the pins out .

Access plate on top same side also will have to be removed to get at hydro lines and nuts . 

You can just see it tucked in pretty good behind framing . 

Pin for ram being removed . The pin to the right will also have to be removed. 

Reaching through the access panel I was able to remove the lines . Cap them off to keep oil in and dirt out . Remember where they go .

I had to work on this pin a bit to get it out . The lock tab was also broken off and needed welding . it also has a cir-clip on the bottom . 

Next..... if unbolt these 4 bolts you can just slide bracket and ram out . Be careful not to damage the threads for hydraulic lines .

Exchange parts to the new one on the bench . This pin also has a cir-clip . I don't think the pin can be removed on the machine .While exchanging parts I noticed a fair amount of wear which will be recorded and fixed this winter . 

Reassemble in reverse order . 
Over all fairly easy... just takes some patients to get all the parts and ram to slide back in and lined up . 

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