Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Toro 4300 section valves bolt kit

The newer 4300D always had an oil film on the section pumps . I posted on Golftechs asking for the torque specs . to see if the bolts where in spec . 

After remove the front bracing I had found the problem.Stud was snapped off flush with section valve .

 Looks like it has been this way for a while . Apparently this happens fairly often .You may want to check your 4300 . Bolt kit was in stock at Veseys and where sent out next day.

First I drain the hydraulic oil tank . I keep a few empty pails sealed just for this reason . Would hate to loose or contaminate the oil before its due to be changed . I drained a good 35 liters out .  

Mark the lines to section pumps . I let the inside wrench rest on the nut so it made hose removal easy . Remove all the lines .

Then use the Allan key and an wrench for better leverage to get the 2 bolts out that hold the section pumps to hydraulic pump .

Pump just pulls out there is an O ring on the end or in the pump . 

Here is what it looks like with it removed . 

Put the unit in the vice to hold for repair. The idea is not to move the sections out of place while the bolts and studs are out . 

Picture with end cap removed . You can see the broken stud now and can be removed with vice grips  . 

Stud should come out fairly easy. 

End cap. Keep everything clean when assembling .

I torqued the studs and bolts in two stages 15 ft.lbs. then 33 

Ready for install.

Well almost . One of the bolts were longer ? The other one sits flush with bottom plate .

Trimmed it off with a cut off wheel . Then installed the new seal .

Pumps back in ready for lines to be hooked up I used a dab of sealer for hoses . I installed the front support bracket before hoses . 

Done . Refill the hydraulic oil tank then start machine a let idle for 15 minutes . Check for leaks . Take your time and keep everything clean while doing this job . Over all fairly easy . Might have lost 100 ml of oil. 1 to 1.5 hours job.

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