Thursday, July 24, 2014

Toro groundmaster 3500 Sidewinder tip overs

This is the second time this machine flipped over ., The first time the back wheel slipped over an embankment in the dew causing it to do a barrel roll down the hill . This time the new trainee flipped it upside down in the trap . Partially his fault and the bank gave away where it was recently rebuild before he started here . As a reminder the on board angle gauge is there for a reason .if you getting into the orange and red your in danger Both time the operators did not wear their seat belts and very lucky to escape serious injuries .

Not a good seen in front of club house . The new operator should not have mowed this steep of a slope . Had he worn his seat belt he would have been OK . He was extremely lucky that the roll bar didn't break his back . 

Always at lunch time for something like this to happen . Just ready to eat and log in my repairs and adjustments for the day . 

After an engine especially a diesel sits sideways or upside down the oil will run into the cylinder and head.... hydraulically locking the engine.The engine will not start in this state and will have to be towed in to the shop for repairs . Be sure to disengage the hydraulic pump from the system and tow in at the recommended speed . 2 to 3 MPH . If you have to go a long ways use a trailer . Engine picture shows everything removed to get the oil out of the head . Injectors and glow plugs . When rotating the engine the oil will fly up out  of the cylinders quite a ways . cover the openings with a rag . 

Went pretty smooth for my first time in this situation . After turning the engine over with the top covered in rags I replaced the parts in reverse order . Notes . The injector closest to the rear you may have to take the head bolt out if you don't have a thin walled socket , the head bolt is threaded to mount the air filter bracket . Marked where the injectors came out of.... to replace them in the same location later .When turning engine over don't have eyes ,face or hands near the openings the oil does shoot out very fast . Head bolt and injectors torque at 50 lbs. glow plugs 10 lbs. install a new air filter and wipe out and or clean rubber hoses and air filter housing . I also did an oil change . When  removing the injector tubing I did the outside ones first then the middle .Reverse it to install .Turn the hydraulic tow lever/stud back to in-gauge system. Turn the key to on so you can hear the fuel pump going and crack the bleeder for injectors till the air is out then close . Pump the lever beside it a good 20-30 times . Now your ready to start the engine . It's going to smoke really bad for a few minutes then tapper of to near nothing after 15 minutes .I'd run it at idle till the smoke clears . If its running rough check the injector tubes for a leak .I missed one  ,after tightening it up it smoothed the engine out .
Over all not to bad just a little time consuming and messy.

Small arrangement of standard and metric tools for the job.


  1. Wow... Who ever this was is darn lucky.... I always had my belt on at all times on slopes like that, and should always have decks on the high side.....

    1. Yes, I agree. Training should be left to the mechanic on the ride on machines or at least be part if the process.