Thursday, July 31, 2014

Toro Flex 2100 engine bracket change (upgrade )

Our models are 2012 with the new changes and Subaru engines . We have noticed that certain times of year the grass will jamb in between the drum and engine bracket like in the picture below . Makes the machine hard to track straight and turn . Also a real pain to clean out . 

 In 2014 an upgrade bracket came out to help with this issue . 

This is the new bracket..Base-engine (mach) 127-1535 part # 75 $ Canadian. 

Some pretty minor  changes . The new bracket needs stove bolts and you may want to get stainless . I used the regular ones with anti seize .

 They should provide enough clearance to stop the grass from collecting . 

Made a little engine hoist using tripods . I left the flex on the trailer so I could use the lift . 

Worked pretty well and didn't need to disconnect wires . cables , coupler etc. 

the clearance before changing it out .


Here it is after ...gain about 1/4" +  - .In the front the rear wasn't really any issue .  Doesn't seem like much but is the same clearance as the housing beside it that doesn't collect clippings . 

Looking at the old bracket and see that it may be able to be modified to get the same result . 

I'll put this one on the #2 mower and leave the third with the stock piece . Now I'll wait till the next time # 3 jambs with grass and see how the modified and upgrade ones made out . 

Took the old stock plate and ground it down a bit .

Installed it on #2 mower a you can see a bigger space where the front mounts where close to the drum

like in this picture . Gained a good 1/4 " just like the upgrade

Custom bracket . see the space near center of pick

Anm improvement over this stock one . Now I'll have to wait till the grass clogs on # 3 mower to check and see how #1 upgrade and #2 custom brackets do.

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