Monday, July 21, 2014

Toro 4300D rear deck bumper stop problem

Recently I noticed the rear decks didn't seem to sit very level in transport some times the front rollers would even touch the ground . 

Looking a little closer and noticed the inner deck bumpers where bending inward . The right side was touching the steel lines .

The left side just grazing the hydraulic hose .

You can get access fairly easy from under the seat . I'm using an old trick by increasing leverage in a tight space with another wrench and saving my knuckles .

Both side where fairly easy to get out . 

Straightening them out the best I could with the press.

Not much point putting them back in unless you reinforce them a bit . 

You can see how badly bent they where . I had some same thickness metal in my metal scrap pile to weld in place . This should prevent future bending . 

The right side looking forward 

and the left . I'll do the same thing to the other unit when it comes in next . 

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