Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Extending Rear Roller on DPA Toro cutting units

Our sister course has had them for a season . I didn't know theses where available. The reason they purchased them is to extend the space between the bed bar and roller . Grass clippings collect on the roller and dropping off making a mess on the greens . Pretty expensive kit as most golf course items are for what it is but will pay for it's self in a season when you won't need a  guy blowing off greens after they are mowed .  

 Came as a kit for 3150 Q Greensmaster

Loosen hardware on machine . After removing discard everything but the top shim .If cutting under 1/4 " shim goes on top like in picture .

I assembled the brackets together first .Loosen of the pinch bolt to ( silver threaded bolt in center of picture . Nuts are all the same size 10 mm . Long bolt is also 10 mm socket head . Short bolt is a metric Allan head bolt . Why I don't know ? Pet peeve ....why the different bolts .  Long bolts and set screw are a little to long maybe it works for other applications may be the reason . I geared up a few different 3/8 ratchets with all the sockets you will need to speed things up .  

No need for old spacer the new kit has it built in . Here you can see how it off sets the roller .I installed one side then slid the roller in and put the other side on . 

Tighten down the hardware and snug the set screw to pinch the roller before locking the nut down . 

You can see how close it was before 

Lots of room now 

A picture of were it use to build up and drop off clippings .

I may put them on the flexes this winter and the other the other set 3150 reels that we use for approaches .

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