Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tru turf roller in for a check up

Our tru turf is used more and more for rolling greens and leveling out new sod . It was time to get it in for a check up . It's a pretty easy nuts and bolts machine to repair and is wise to keep some wearable items in stock . Today I noticed the chain needed replacing .

New chain cut and installed . I use rope ratchets and bungy cords to keep tensioners off the chain .  

The top gear bearing has lots of play so more parts where ordered now before it starts leaking . It's good to know where your machine is manufactured because sometimes parts will take 4 + weeks to to show up . Not a good thing when it's your only one. So I'm planning ahead now to get the parts in time  . This machine is made in Australia.  Another machine I have waited for parts if not available on our continent is the Cushman (rear end parts at the sister course years ago).( British made)

Also found the bearing that holds and and gives the smoothing decks its movement was starting to let go . This is by far the best way to change the bearing out . Two tripod stands and a piece of ply wood and left the linkage hooked up . 

Loosen the set screws on the collar (2) and remove the 4 bolts . 

Raising the lift gives you access to the bolt holding the bearing on the shaft . 

And done . I also keep linkage parts and smoothing roller bearings in stock They can go at any time . 


  1. Replaced both bearings, now decks are too close together and roller will not steer (zero clearance between roller decks)???

  2. Hmm weird are decks back in original position . Didn’t happen to mix them up ? Right bearing ? They definitely shouldn’t be touching. Close but not touching