Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Toro rough mowers damaged front roller bearing repair

I have had pretty good luck with this style roller so far . After checking the newer 4300 grounds master I noticed one of the upgrade bearings was broken . I'm starting to think that the ball bearing failures on the fairway unit Reel mower are breaking do to impact of underlying bedrock on the course .

Only have a stick welder and made my first attempt using a washer . Started to move but broke the welds .

Next up was a 1/2 " nut I used the bolt to hang on to weld . No problem to beat the remaining piece of the race out . 

Pressed in one new bearing and pumped  grease in a good 30 times before installing spacer and then pressing in the other bearing . 

Use red loc-tight . About the only thing that will keep the bolt in place . 

Torqued it in place . The metal roller will wear out if you have a lot of cart paths . Some of the guys are going with Nylon aftermarket ones with good success.  


  1. Ever want to remove the bearing or just the race using no heat what so ever. See, heating bearing housings causes distortion in the bearing housing. You almost always set yourself up for failure every time. I rebuild the "keg" style rollers for $50 beans including the bearing. Does not include the spacer which does wear out!

    1. Good comment . I've never had a problem with distortion personally . But with a good maintenance program I rarely have to change bearings . That is a great product but for the price I can't warrant the once or twice a year usage that I would need it for .