Friday, June 20, 2014

Fairway cutting problem

This past week one of the fairway units was showing a very different cut after a jump in growth . 
         Regular adjustments are done on both machines . It was surprising to see this line dead center of cut . At first I assumed the jump in growth might have slowed down the reel motor . They were cutting/grooming pretty hard that day . 

After talking to the dealer for suggestions I checked the HOC again and did a test of the front reel motors by removing the small line and plugging the hose end and running the reel to check for bypassing fluid .Just a dribble on all three . Then center and wing reels were switched to see if it made any difference . The above pic showed some difference.But the cut still didn't look right . After the last test I switched the center reel motors on fairway units with pretty much the same effect .The problem didn't follow to the other machine which rules out the reel motor. Yesterday I had time to regrind reels on the problem unit .

Problem solved . These are the new reels I had put on last winter . They came with just a light spin grind . I'm use to having a full relief and don't usually grind the reels till the end of next month . Hard to believe the little core nursery we restarted in October 2013 is ready for sod removal to do some repairs on the course . 

Checking the cut on the first hole this morning when he went out ,dark strips on side are just wheel marks they fade out pretty quick . 

and then again 3/4 way into his mow set . Cut still looking great . Triplex on the side . I was mowing collars and approaches . Drove by for a picture . 

The cut from the other 5410 unit . Still looking good but will be time to get it in for a spin grind .

 Sometimes when you get stuck in a routine you may over look what is reely going on . 

Always learning . Thanks again Bill at Vesey's

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