Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rewinding pull cords before they are a problem

This is the time of year that I go over all the small engines . I check every machine for frayed / worn pull cords .

Fraying up by pull handle . Will it last the season . No .

At the other end it's pretty much gone . The young guys like to pull on them to the very end . If you have a couple of tall guys then they will rip them out because of their extra reach . 

They best thing I have found so far is a furniture clamp with the padded rubber jaws . Pull the cord out all the way and clamp . I mount it in the vice to make it even easier . 

Small straight pick pulls the knot out easily . 

Snip the knot off . I was surprise to see just a single knot . Usually it's a figure eight type looped through the openings . Not much room for that type of knot .

Lay out the new line beside the old and cut it off a little longer . 

Seal up the ends with a torch to keep from fraying . 

Slides right back in , if not guide it with the straight pick . 

Pull a good length out  

Then knot it .. I use a pair of needle nose pliers to slide up against knot and pull tight . 

Tuck in the loose end and pull new pull cord till it's in all the way.

Nice and clean . I like to spray some dry graphite for lubrication.  

Same idea for the handle . This is a Stihl back pack blower pull cord mechanism .But my holder will work on most anything you come across . One more thing If you scrap equipment keep the pull cords and string them up new and hang them up . It's a big time saver when your up to your ears in work and one comes in with the  cord ripped out of it . Also train the staff not to pull them to the end stop.

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