Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jacobsen Greens King IV under mount mower lift stops

I have to mention these stops . I've been around these machines as an operator and technician for 18 + years . The Greens King IV gave our courses a great cut for many years and I think we have the last one here at the course . I have sold off a few of them in the past and have 3 sets of reels to use on the 2001 model we have left . The newer model must have been a custom order because the reels are very heavy duty and look more like the fairway  3400 reels . The lift frame was a bit different and the hooks have to be removed to get them on the machine ..unlike the old style where you could maneuver them in place . On GolfTechs site the guys where talking about these under mount lift stops . I decided to purchase a set and it is the perfect solution to the problem I was having . Liked them so much I purchased a second set . Now I can change the reels around as need in a lot less time . 

Part number . They are 22 $ each Canadian . A good heavy duty quality . 

Old style hook . Sorry about the pic but it's still ridiculously freezing in the shop . 

In the R+R catalog it shows them this way for the GK V and works great on the GK IV in the same position .  ( shows the other way in R+R) These are the OEM ones . The steel is almost twice as thick as the old ones and so easy to switch out reels now .

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