Friday, May 16, 2014

Accue Gauge shortened up

We have this Toro 3150 Q for a few seasons now . Great machine but adjusting HOC is a reel nuisance .I have tried everything but nothing to no avail . Our other course has quit a few of them and their tech shortened his gauge to speed things up . I did the same today , Enough was enough . Now it is a breeze to check and adjust the HOC. 

Using a cut of wheel I was able to shorten it a little past the wear marks on the bottom of gauge .

Re-drilled the hole .

Now the adjustments can be made without the lift and or bucket roller being in the way.

I don't like to alter this type of tool but I'm glad I finally did .

After use the gauges are put away hanging in my office . Safest place , that way they won't accidentally get kicked or knocked over .

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