Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Windfoil spray system tilting back problem

We have the Windfoil spray system on the newer 1250 Toro sprayer . This gives us to ability to spray when we want and not have to rely to much on how windy it is on the course . Our course is pretty breezy most days . Last summer while making my rounds checking cuts and talking to the staff I noticed the greens where looking stripey. It wasn't the first time I've seen these wide lines . On the way back to the shop I watched the sprayer in action and noticed that quit often the center boom was tilted back and the flap was dragging in the turf . The operator cannot see the tilt angle of the booms and they will tilt to far back . The manual doesn't show any adjustments for this and after checking the rams I couldn't see any adjustments to make .  Also some of our greens have grades and undulations causing drag to . The spray tech tried to solve the problem by lifting the boom wings a little which does work but the center boom rides on 2 wheels and doesn't lift and floats following the ground . Personally I think the center boom should have 4 wheels that might keep the entire boom level . 

Windfoil on Toro 1250 sprayer .It's pretty big .

I call it the" USS Enterprise "

To solve our problem the design has to allow the entire boom to float and go up and down independently . 

A picture of the swing like connection that floats the boom system .

Problem solving took a little while ..there was a lot of things going on to consider . 

Mocking up some set ups till it's figured out . Things to deal with . up and down movement . independent movement of either side . Will it be affected in transport or wings lifting / lowering action. It also tilts forward too. . 

 Taking some measurements .

Made up brackets to wrap around the aluminium framing of center boom . I doubled up these little rollers that have been in the shop forever . Drilled a hole in angle iron to mount wheels .

After tilting  the booms to find the center boom level I took some measurements to transfer here . This wheel will ride on a rail .

Looking straight down you can see how the rail is going to be mounted . 

The bottom extends below the lower steel framing on machine .Weld some extra supports on bottom that will be welded onto lower steel frame section can use angle iron ..I just use what I have around to keep cost down . Since the boom basically float it will roll up and down the rails keeping the booms level .  

Welded bolts to the outside of brackets to bolt around aluminum framing .

Welded all together 

a few 1" tacs will hold the lower section of rail.

 Get the rail level vertically . It will be welded to top and bottom steel framing on machine . 

Getting it lined up .( looking down on it )

Bolting the rollers on gives me room to adjust side to side if needed to line things up. 

Next bunch of picture will give you the idea oh how it works . The extra strength on the bottom welded in was to support the booms level when it's on the lift . I don't think it will fit on our lift with the booms tilted forward . It's pretty tight .  

Now when it drives around the course it should remain level plus the spray tech will not have to guess on the angle .  

Tipping it forward pulls rollers away from rail . 

All painted up and ready to go .

 Waiting on spring .It looks like winter out here .

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