Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Toro MD laynard kits for tailgates

Toro recommends having the laynard kits on these tailgates .After the tailgate upgrade they came out with a different hook up so it could be attached .  

New bolts for bottom of catch on box .

Very easy install . knock the plugs on either end out . From start to finish after doing a few might be ten minutes . 

The wire cables that hold the tailgate level when opened . 

If you don't use the kits the tailgate may get fetched up on something when dumping causing damage . Start feeding metal bar through the knock out opening.

Keep it level and tap it in with a rubber mallet.

until almost flush

install cable and bolts on ends with loc tight 

Remove the bottom bolt and replace with the shouldered one 

That will mount the upper cable in place 

Looks good except for the missing piece in the box ?We do most of the heavy work in the fall with the freezing cold temperatures we work in it doesn't take much to to loose a chuck of plastic from a dropped boulder or log .

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