Thursday, April 10, 2014

Of to the races

Finally Spring has sprung . I think this is one of the longest winters so far . Some of the seasonal full time are trickling in . First job is to get the breathable tarps and ice shields off the greens . Greens look pretty good and should bounce back OK with + temperatures .

Winters over but the salter and plow will wait till after Easter to get cleaned and serviced before putting storage 

I serviced the blower we use around the club house today . Gas treatment put in and run . axles were starting to rust to shafts . Removing the wheels and cleaning them up then used never seize on them . 

Belts check for wear and adjustment

Also cleaned up the gear box and lubed as needed .Now it's ready for next year when we need it .

After Superintendent checked the greens with our prism it was time to get our Toro Flex 2100 set up for the first cut . These mowers have been out of service since November . I ran them with gas treatment and drained the tanks . After fueling them up the new Subaru engines started right up first pull .When you do regular service and put machines to bed properly this is the kind of results you can expect.

Just knocking a little fluff of the top . It will take a little while for them to acclimatize.

This has to be the best part of the job seeing your equipment back out and check your work .

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