Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2011 Toro 1250 sprayer park brake buzzer.

Yesterday I finished installing a park brake buzzer on the newer sprayer . Much easier than the older one . The new sprayer has a mechanical neutral transmission lock which eliminates the need to use a relay to step up a low amp circuit .  

The fuse panel has a spare hook up power source 

The neutral lock out out is driven by a cable . 

I added the 15 amp fuse for the park brake buzzer circuit when I was finished with the install. 

No limit switch but the mounting bracket is still there . I'm going to mount a limit switch here just like the older sprayer has . 

The only difference is it will be powered by the spare 12 volt connection and won't need a relay .

Using a battery I pre lay everything out so when its installed I know it's going to work the way I want it to . 

Mounted a back up alarm to choke cable framing also mounted the Club Car micro switch on park brake lever . 

Ran the 2 wires down through this spare hole in frame . 

I split wire loomed every wire to protect them from sharp edges . 

Removing the bottom section of limit switch bracket to make the wires more accessible and speed things up on the install.  

All wired up . 
Works great and exactly the same as the older model .

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