Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2001 Toro 1250 sprayer motor to oil filter lines

My oil lines had a very slight drip to then .It was good time to replace them . The brass elbows where pretty brittle .

Don't laugh at my note . I have heard stories of staff at other course hopping on gear in the mechanics bay just because they where told to do a job . Tell your staff to never move gear out of the mechanics bay with out asking your mechanic first . It may save you $5000 .

When ever you have to do a job under this cab it's easier when it's removed . I remove the cab every winter service to get better access . For the extra 10 minutes it's time well spent .

With the right side panel removed you can just barely get at it . 

The fittings come off the Kohler engine and the lines go to a remote filter behind the right wheel . Looks easy.

One of the old lines . The fittings are behind the clutch. not able to get at from the under side .

Old lines going to the filter.

New lines on 

Tight spot

3/4 wrench snugging up lines. 

I didn't have any tools or a way to tighten the fittings .

Putting a slight bend on the wrench made it easier . Once they bottom out... snug up another 1/4 turn . I have a small collection of "custom " tools . 

Oil filter side is easy to tighten up . Hold the nut your turning the fitting on to so it doesn't snap,off by mistake . 

Put the oil in engine and run it up to operating temperature . A good 15 minutes . 

Check the lines after it's cooled off and check again before reassembling everything . Not impossible but could be frustrating if you don't take your time at it .  

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