Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Toro 1250 winter service cleaning up wiring etc.

I find over the years that 80% + of problems with most sprayer are caused by bad connections in wiring harness or switches and fuse panel . The boom section I just finished . Checked the flow meter for any blockages and made sure the sensor was moving freely . All wiring connections in the wiring harness at the rear have been clean with contact cleaner then dielectric greased . 

At the dash panel now pulling connections apart to clean and dielectric grease . I do this every winter maintenance and it really helps keep the machine running for the season without issues . I may get one or two failures but are getting rare now . You can see some corrosion from moisture and or chemicals  . 

Not to bad but will clean up any way . 

Use a good quality contact cleaner .

Spray the switch and harness side too. 

After a minute or so blow off with air . 

Next is the dielectric grease 

Heavily coat the plug including the empty slots . The idea is to seal out all moisture . 

Done? No! get the top side too . 

Now it's 99.9% sealed off.

Fuse panel gets the same treatment .


clean up the fuses too . 

This is our 12 year old sprayer and one of the guys on the tech sites gives the prongs a slight twist to get a better contact on an old fuse panel . I use that idea seems to work great so far . 

Slight twist , sorry about the pick .  

All done for another season . Waiting on remote  oil filter lines the were seeping and leaking a little . Not a fun repair . I'll post it later . 

There are a number of different type switches on the sprayer ranging from 30 to 70 $ . When mine fail I will clean them and get a few more years out of them . 

 A stihl tune up screw driver works great . Pry carefully on both sides from the bottom . 

Lay it all out on your work bench .

This ones fairly new but what happens is that the points arc causing some burnt areas and build up of corrosion . ( normal wear and tear ). 

Scrape or use a fine sand paper and clean the contacts 

Do both contact surfaces 

put a little dielectric grease on the contacts to help reduce the arcing a bit


Work the switch back and forth . If it feels good it will most likely work 

If your not sure on how it goes back together there are alignment marks to match up .

Snap it down good so it doesn't fly apart . The groove on the right is for the harnees .So it doesn't get attached upside down.

This is a different one with the light in it and works in two directions . 

Same as above . You can see how dirty this one is . Keep an eye out for the springs on the left side in the picture . They have to go back in the same location . 

Takes a little patience to get the contacts back in sometimes. 

A good 75% of the time a good cleanings gets it working again . Worth the effort . You could go through a small fortune if you were to buy them all the time . For quick trouble shooting you can pull the similar harnesses of the back and switch them . EG; foamers ... boom switches ...boom valve switches .
Working on a park brake buzzer . Hopefully I'll figure something out .

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