Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toro 1250 sprayer Park Brake Buzzer install

This problem I have heard talk about on a few forum sites . There are a few of these Toro style machines that are confusing to get a park brake buzzer installed on them . Of course guys will drive off leaving them on and wearing out brakes . Yes you could adjust the brake so it will stall the machine but you wouldn't be able to pull the handle up and stretch the cable prematurely.  I have occasionally done the same thing , so I can't just blame the staff or training for it . Waiting for parts for the sprayer so I decided to tackle this issue . I did lay out parts switches and connections hooked up to a battery for a test run of what I wanted to do . 

 Put a Club Car micro switch here to activate the alarm when the handle is pulled up or left on .

Going to use a truck reverse buzzer  later . Just trying out different locations. I'll install one under the seat on the right middle by the frame.

Ok now comes the thinking part . What switch I was going to tie into ? The best option was to use the neutral interlock switch which is activated by pressing the brake pedal . My problem now is that it is only a 2 amp circuit and I'm going to need a bigger circuit to run for the buzzer etc.
The best way to get more amps was to use a relay . I'm using the one below .Just a common 4 pin one . #30 is direct battery power fused with a 10 amp fuse . Should be enough for what I need and won't burn out the CC micro switch since they have a 10 amp circuit . #85 and #86 cut or splice into the wires going to the neutral interlock switch . I cut mine closer to the relay panel before the harness connection . It shouldn't matter which one they go on . If the relay has a diode or there is a diode in the circuit then reverse them . #87 takes the 10 amp power to the micro switch . What happens is the magnetic coil between 85 and 86 gets energized when the foot brake switch gets activated . That triggers the points to close connecting battery power up 87. That way you won't blow the 2 amp fuse .

Running wire to # 30 on relay . 

Run a wire from micro switch to #87 of relay . Run another wire to buzzer and to ground  from buzzer . If it works in reverse then switch wires on micro switch.

Cut or splice in wires to 85 and 86 from neutral solenoid switch. I chose to cut and put them together on one end of butt connector . Do one line at a time so they don't get mixed up . 

Mount relay with the rest of them .

Wires hooked to micro switch.

A few more shots of wire connections 

Use heat shrink covers on connections . The butt connectors came with heat shrink built in . 

Picture of neutral lock solenoid . 

Great tool plug the clips on positive and negative battery terminals .

Then you can probe around and see what is negative and positive . green is negative. 

Red positive. Some wires will show green till a switch is activated then turns red  . 

Great for checking grounds .

Fantastic crimping tool . Perfect crimp every time . 

Cleaning up wiring cutting them to size and split wire loom them to give it  a factory install look . 

A few more pics below .

\Notice the battery location . Much better here .

After zip tying everything up I rechecked to see if it was working and to my surprise it did not . Found a broken ground wire and repaired it . 

Waiting for my truck type reverse buzzer to arrive . 

It's here.

 Wow now that is loud.

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