Thursday, March 13, 2014

Loader repairs

I noticed the other day that my repair wasn't working out as well as planned .Also the bucket had a few holes worn in and the front edge was worn so bad that the sides left lines when back dragging..

Only 4 pins to pull to remove from the loader . My ceiling hoist made quick work to get it on the roll top for patch work on the bottom . 

Had to clamp a piece of thick walled tube square stock to help straighten out the front edge so a new one could be welded in .

Did a bunch of welds on the bottom to help strengthen it up a bit . 

Almost done .

Took a while to straighten the top section . It had been used to pull with  .Not a good idea . 

There was a piece of solid pipe to help strengthen the top and made a couple of hook up areas so it will prevent damage to the bucket in the future . 

Fresh coat of paint.

Not perfect but should last a few more years . 

This area last year was completely missing . I had stacked a couple of 1/4 steel plate that held for a while till it started to oval the hole . 

My junk pile had a few pieces of 1 " thick stock and drilled a hole opening to fit the pin . Lined the new piece up and marked out the plate and cut it out with a cut off wheel . On level flooring in shop I was able to put the bucket kick stand down and lowered the bucket . Made welding in the new collar in the right location easier . 

I'm not a welder but do OK with what I know . Welding in thick pieces of steel involves grinding back a good V groove so you can get good penetration then just keep stacking welds till its all filled in . 

Haven't had any thing pull apart so I must be doing OK . 

All done good for a few more years maybe more .

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