Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Toro MDX fuel Filter placement

Just finishing off the rest of the 800 hr. service on the MDX . 

After replacing the fuel filter I'm looking at it resting on the spark plug boot . When you work in this business long enough and see what can happen you get an uneasy feeling about this one . First .... if the spark plug boot gets torn and starts arcing (hard to get the boot off unless you reach up from the underside , it's a pretty tight fit ) it may not be a good thing especially if the clamp doesn't seal and fuel starts dripping with the exhaust pipe near by too . 
I'm sure it's fine but I'm going to extend the hose going to the fuel pump and split loom it . 

Twice as long + as before . 

That way the filter can sit back further in the frame .

The new line was zip tied to keep it from moving .

Should be good now but I may even relocate the fuel pump later on .


Also changed the plugs . I noticed a fair amount of soot on them which tells me it's getting to much fuel . 
You should check choke cables . If you don't they will drive them with the choke partially on . 

First thing I checked was the choke cable to see if it is binding or sticking . It was fine . 

The choke return spring is weak and I couldn't get another turn on it for more tension . So for now I gave it a little helper spring .

Good as new . 


Winter work is almost done just sprayers left and maybe rebuild our tow behind top dresser if time and budget allows . At least make up a parts and price list . 
As the guys come back I'll be checking tractors and trailers and start servicing small engines ................then it will be go time again for another season .

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