Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Home made snipper holder upgrade

I made these 5- 6 + - years ago . Originally we removed the holders but found that the crew had a hard time getting them on/off the machine . The following year I remade them to stay on the machine . They have been holding down the snippers with bungy cords the past few seasons . Some of the crew are still having a problem. Today I started figuring out an easier way . Because as you know if it isn't easy they will not use them . This is what I came up with for the JD  Gators .  The Toro MD(x) with the plastic boxes I'll post later .

This is how they use to attach . Usually resulted in over stretched and lost bungy cords .

I took about a 2" piece of thin wall 1.5" square tube stock and cut one side off . 

Welded it to a 2" flat stock . The lower pieces sticking out was the piece I had cut off . Trial and error for the first one . I put a snipper on to help out with the design .

Only need 1 bracket and place it in the middle of rail .

View from inside the box . I used a bolt and drill a 1/8 hole at one end close to were the rail is . This way it can be left on the machine and the piece laying on the rail will keep it from falling down into the box .

Doesn't get any easier than this . The returning crew will be impressed and pleased .

If you don't tether the bolt and lock ring they will go missing or be lost in the grass .

Only have a stick welder and couldn't tac the thin chain on . So I drill the bolt out 13/64 th . and tapped for a 1/4 -20 thread bolt hole .

I'll try this with red loc tight .

Painted it up like the rest of the mounts . holds the snipper down really well .

Only have seven more pairs to make . My club Cars will get the same ones too .

The Toro MD and MDX I went this route for a holder and mounts .

With the molded plastic dump beds I had made wooden box extenders So snippers can be attached to the sides .

The holder is pretty simple .Same as above 1.5" square tube stock and cut one side out .

Welded a bolt and washer on this side . Line everything up first and drill a hole through the wooden box extender .

On the inside holes where drill into a large washer and then screwed to the box .

Pretty easy to use .

 I had also drill a bolt size matching hole on the top rail of wooden box so when they remove it the staff can put the latch in the hole .

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