Friday, February 21, 2014

Club Car Electric President golf cart Mid winter battery maintenance

Now is a good time to go check your rental fleet batteries for water level /corrode wires on terminals and also snug the connections down . We keep ours plugged in ( as per manual ) all winter and are in a cold storage shed kept at about 10 degrees C .I find by mid winter the water needs to be topped up . Winter tends to suck the moisture out of everything . Our fleet of 30 rental carts will usually take anywhere from 30 to 50 liters of water . 

The new fleet  that we received last season came with the single point battery fill option . I think they come standard with this option now . 

All the batteries are hooked together with fill check valves to maintain them at the right level .

We are using the deionizer that filtered the water from the old fleet . 

The fill hose just has a button to push down to attach it to the battery fill tube .

Hard to tell but the red section is actually 2 red balls that spin while it is filling . If your old enough you will remember sitting in the back seat of your Dads car watching the ones on the gas pumps spin . Same idea. 

As soon as they stop moving just disconnect . So easy anyone can fill these battery and much safer . Less chance of acid getting splashed in your eyes and clothing or having overfilled/under filled batteries .. Very cool system . The valve depending on water pressure will pump 18 gallons a minute . Our batteries took on average 10 seconds to top up each set  .
I also had time to grease the front ends and checked tire pressure . Also lubed the plug section with WD 40 .
 Impressive set up .

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  1. Do not forget to check your batteries. Especially after a winter or a period where they have not been used for a long time. Good maintenance extends its lifetime.