Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Club Car charger damage

Not  uncommon to see this type of damage . This ones been run in to pretty good by the looks of it . We kept a couple of the old rental carts and I didn't get around to hanging up the charge like the rest of them . 

Looks bad ....funny thing is that it still works .

Pretty sure you can buy all the pieces for repair but we just straighten them back out the best we can . Most of the time we get 2 or 3 a year were the cart staff forget to unplug them and drive off . To bad there isn't a built in way that they will not move unless unplugged . 

Taking pictures of all the wiring connections before you take it apart can speed things up on assembly .

Not to hard to take apart . Now you can straighten out the parts the best you can . The aluminium was stretch a bit in one area from the impact .  

Usually you can get them to look pretty good .

Looks like a charger again . 

Now the internal parts won't be up against the casing causing a short or shock hazard. 

The old sprayers in an should have a little down time waiting for parts so I may have a chance to build a shelf or hanger for this charger . After that I'll have to figure out a good idea for a wheel stop so that the electrical panel back board and exterior walls don't get run into again . The cold storage shop floors are polished cement and sometimes the carts slide to a stop .

 When you get reoccurring problems keep them in mind or right them down so you can find a solution for them later on .

Working on repairs and solution.

Removed the bracing I had put on last years damage . Had some left over plywood from doing a seat base repair on a Club Car.

Shelves built .I was thinking of attaching it to the shelve but feared it would haul the panel of the wall  if they forget to detach the charge cord .

Now for a permanent solution . Went to my scrap metal pile for material . Found lots of heavy gauge U channel stock to use .

Cut and welded pieces together . kept up right post about 33" apart to match wheel width and kept it around 10" high .

Found some 1/4 plate for bases and drilling out for 1/2" anchor bolts , 4 in each plate . taped of the black in strips to make hazard lines . A few more coats and touch ups and it will be ready for install in front of panel .

This trick somebody posted once helped a lot .

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