Friday, January 24, 2014

Pro - Gator 2020 wiring revisit

The Old Cushmans done . The gardener will be happy to have it for another year . 
Primarily used for top dressing .... our Toro HDX D had barely any hours , oil change and greasing .I checked the service book and marked all the next change service intervals on filters etc. Rear tires are having a problem leaking around the rims I'm going to reset the bead using bead sealer and will see what happens in the spring.   The  Toro Pro - Pass 200 wireless took a little bump and I straighten out the top plate of the spinner . Only 73 hours and the paddles are showing some wear . Top dresser just needed some grease and a check over .  Backing the belt scrapper off so when the unit was raised up for service will get the rest of the trapped sand out . 
Our John Deere Pro - Gator is in for service . It was used a fair amount in the fall and had very few issues . In the past it was a nightmare to keep running on a consistent basis . Doing the repairs on the wiring seems to be the key.
 Worked great most of the time but still getting some random issues .

This winter service I'll be fixing this issue for the last time " hopefully " Recently we purchased a good quality soldering gun .

The butt connectors and wraps were still allowing water or moister in . After a few seasons I'm back to this area for repairs . I'll be removing all the connections and past repairs and soldering the wires together for a  permanent fix .

Splitting the wires and twisting each piece together then

wrapping it back around the wire .

Soldering them together takes very little time with a good quality soldering gun . It helps to melt a little solder on the tip of the gun . Rosin core soldering wire is for electrical work .

 Also using liquid electrical tape . Apply wait ten minutes then re-apply . That should give 100% water proofing.

Then wrapped in 2 directions with electrical tape . Stretch the tape a little when you wrap wires it will  help bind  better .

After .... split loomed and secured wires to a non moving part of the machine .

All done . Now for the last step . I tend to hang on some old items if I think I can recycle it later .

An old GK IV grass basket . Perfect to make a splash guard to fix the real problem . 

A few zip ties . View from the outside . Right front tire kicks up mud , water , snow on to this area . This should solve it for the last time .

View from the inside . Simple and easy . Wished I had thought of it ten years ago .

You can see on the fuel tank how much mud gets kicked up . You can also see that the battery was moved to this better location for ease of service . The Pro Gator also had an instrument panel issue . Sometimes it worked and some times it was off . Removing the front clip I was able to pull the harnesses on the dash instrument panel . Cleaned connections with no luck ...You will have to lightly push the prongs on dash panel end to the outside and reconnect the harnesses to get a trouble free contact . The above repairs should make this heavy hauler a daily driver again . Waiting on a few parts . Then back to the Newer Cushman .

Sometimes you have to stop and think of how to solve an issue that takes you away from your daily routine .

A down non starting or running machine can eat up a good part of your day .

 This machine alone has robbed many hours of my time over what I see as a design flaw from day one .

After a while you will get to know your machines and there quirks to solve issues in a timely manner .

More and more modern day machines of all makes and colors are better designed for easy service and longer trouble free use as long as they are maintained properly .

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