Friday, January 17, 2014

Last big area Mower Toro 4300D deck bushings etc.

Down to the last rough mower and the end of our mowing equipment . Next up maintenance carts , sprayers  , top dresser , tractors then small engines . 

The decks look pretty messy but the waxed decks will speed up the clean up . After the irrigation is shut down it is hard to get the machines clean .  I noticed the decks tilted a little more than the newer model .

I have planned to replace the bushings in the pull frame on this unit . Only takes a few seconds to remove the pins to get the draw bar off . 

I found the best way for me to get the old bushings out is to use this type of chisel .

Once your good at it it only takes a few seconds to cut a section out . They pretty much fall out afterwards .

If not I use this large punch 

And tap them out .

It was worn quit a bit . You want to replace theses before it becomes metal on metal .

Made good use of my press . So much easier doing it this way . 

I really liked the fact that the pin could be rotated 180 degrees and holes were there and threaded . These decks are pretty heavy and the pins will bend a bit over time running on rough terrain with the decks up . I can remember on the old gear (Old  technology ) having to weld in flat /grooved in spots and grind down to fit . 

The ceiling hoist made it easy to lift the deck


onto my roll top .

I place putty knifes under the rollers so the decks won't accidentally roll off on me . They are very heavy and could break your foot or leg if your not careful.

Also giving the body panels a good waxing . Especially the rough units were they tend to cut along the tree line here. Hides the scratches and helps prevent them to some extent .  

Not bad for 2008 / 1400 hrs. 

During the mowing seasons I try to remember annoying issues . The rough units do a lot turns with decks down . I found that the outside front deck rear roller seals keep backing off .   
My little pet peeve project . I'm removing the rear roller 

Setting it up in the vice lightly to remove the end brackets . .

The guards are taking a beating . I'm going to flip the sides so it will wear on the other side now . Saves on buying parts for now . 

All the parts came of easily.

The seal bushing . You can see the wear from debris getting in . Last season I replaced a damaged roller tube on one of these , The rollers have 2 seals on the ends .Using Swepco 103 every time they come off the wash rack and these seals the roller will never seem to wear out . They still feel almost new when you roll them . The bushings were re-installed with the red loc-tight . Hopefully that will hold them in.

The grease nipple lines up with the hole in the shaft . Some techs have had problems with the shaft spinning inside the bracket and opted out to removing the Allan head screws on the ends of the shaft and installing grease nipples there instead . 

On assembly line up the flat spot or punch mark with grease nipple then tighten this side up . Once it's assembled back on deck you can just tighten the other side up . 

A shiny bunch of New looking old gear . I get a kick when the staff tell me that a member approached them asking how the new gear is working .... They are starting to show their age if you look close.  

They are packed in pretty tight so we can keep all the gear inside for the winter. I always keep the reels down .

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