Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Torque Sticks

 Napa has a great sale on them this month. Finally picked a set up .

Going to try them on the rotary blades bolts this season .  They're changed out quit often and  should speed things up . I was concerned about the hub bearings getting damaged . After rebuilding a couple of them I noticed the outside and inside of the bearing are supported by a sleeve so there should be no added  pressure on the bearing itself . It will save me at least 30 minutes to do both 4300's and the side winder .

The set comes with 5 sticks and there is room for a few more . Going to be great and more efficient to check wheel nut torques on the equipment . First time using them and found them very easy to use and pretty cool watch the stick stop moving no matter how much you crank on them . For the blade bolts I'll watch and stop when it just stops turning . One Of the guys pointed out that for highway used vehicles you use the torque stick that is under your setting then finish them off with a torque wrench.

One of the Toro 4300 D finished .

Looking good . Feels like I'm behind but really I'm on track... just doing machines in a different order . I like my routine but if your going to get most of the gear done you need to keep things rolling in and out of the shop .
Now that my fall booking order is here I bring in one of the fairway units .Going to be great to have the parts on hand . The older unit is getting a new steering pump , hydraulic and anti freeze changed out and valves adjusted plus what ever else I find when it gets cleaned up . Rust is showing up pretty good around the front axle and I'll be rust checking that area .

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