Monday, September 30, 2013

OEM bedknive angle changes on our Toro 5410

I recently ground the newer 5410 with the damaged reels and with no time for repair could only spin grind the reel and grind the bedknives . When I reassembled the reels they where not cutting as well as I would have liked them to . I like the keep the bedknife angles ground to OEM spec's . After posting the issue I was having on Golftech's I received some ideas and answers of why and how to get my units to cut properly again .
This picture shows the newsprint being pinched by the reel against the bedknife before cutting . The OEM angles didn't provide me with a perfect edge to cut against on a worn down reel ( nearing 4.5  "). As the reel wears the front edge moves upward changing the angle for the grass to lay up on the front face before cutting plus it was affecting where the reel edge was landing on the bedknife . Eventually it could cause riffling of the bedknife .
Here is the newsprint cut after adjustments where made to the angles on bedknife . I went 7 Top and 7 front . Some guys suggested going as much as 8 from a new set up will avoid this issue in the future .
Remember my rough fairways and bedrock out cropping that I talk about . Well this how one of them came back today . The chunk also went back and went through one of the rear cutting units causing more damage .
Cutting newsprint cleanly at a whisper setting sounding smooth across the knife .

For as beat up as they are, there still providing a great cut . We are running the groomers again to thin the grass out . Grass is standing up very well now for play .

A small video of whisper quit sound ......and a little Billy Idle thrown in .

One thing about this type of work and why I like it so much is that there is always something new that comes up and  learning new and better ways to keep things rolling .

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