Thursday, September 19, 2013

Member & Guest Sept. 2013

Started of early ( 5 am ) and chipped in and helped mow Fairways . We just got off the fairways  in time for a members 9 am . shot gun. Then at 1 o'clock ,Member & Guest tournament  will be on their way . Clubs been busy getting all their tournaments out of the way before we start core aerating greens on Monday .  The New course has their tournament tomorrow . I'll be back in  real early to run the carts we borrowed back for their 9 am start .
Over all the course looks reely good and manicured . Green HOC was dropped for the tournament and the few guys that we have left got everything mowed up in time . We powered on through our breaks and lunches and grab and go are food as we went .
The extra effort by all paid off .
Here are a few pic's just before tee off time .
Back of 9 green area . It was a field a few years back . View on the way to women's 10 Tee .

Hole #5 par 3

# 10 view from back of 11 Tee decks . Women's tee hit down the fairway , Men hit over the irrigation pond on the right .

#11 Men's Tee deck . Everyone has a pond to hit over on this hole .

View from the back of #14 green . You can see some of the bedrock out cropping's we have on the course . Par 4 , Tee deck hits over a pond and up hill to this area . This is the smaller fairway landing area . Past the bedrock there is a larger fairway .

# 16 Tee . City of Halifax in the background .

Hole #7 . Club house is behind the big tree on the right .

Looking down #1 fairway from # 18 green . The cut on the rough looks great as do all the other cuts .

# 7 green . The Members/guest are rolling in .

Our new Club Car Electric fleet are ready to go .

# 8 green is looking pretty good . We redid this one a few years back using cores from aerated greens on the course. It's starting to mature pretty well .

Right side of dog leg on #1 rough . It actually looks this vibrant .

# 2 Fairway . Another pic of bedrock protrusions we have on the course on some holes . Reely takes a beating on the Toro 5410 reels .

The assistant ( Sean ) just finishing up the finally touches with the pro force blower . Will be heading out early when the tournament starts .

Should be a great round for all .

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