Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Changing out a rear roller brush on the Toro 5410

Noticed one of the rear roller brush was knock out of whack . It pretty much chewed the half bristles off .

Remove the j hooks from both ends of shaft .

Belt cover and belt next .Then the 3 bolts holding the plate on .

Take the brush adjustment bolts out on the drive side and pull it out of the other end as one piece .
Ready to pull out .

Pull the rubber seal off the end and slide the old one off , if it doesn't move just whined it off . 

New brush .

I lined it up with the old marks and slide it on the shaft . Went on fairly easy . 

 Put the J bolts back on and make sure the end goes in the other hole . Tighten up snug on both ends .  

Reassemble in reverse order .
All done . Love these brush kits .....so easy to work on .

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