Wednesday, September 18, 2013

After the Rain !!!! 5410 cutting issue review

I'm sure everyone on the east coast have had their prayers answered to get some rain . After having near drought conditions and the cooler evenings plus the rain the turf took an aggressive jump in growth . Like a lot of the courses on the east coast it's been a battle to get turf knocked back down again especially being short staffed and the timing of the last big dumping of rain .
One thing I did notice is that the 5  - 2 " line pattern from our 5410's were very noticeable after the first cut on fairways . The lines are defiantly from the jump in growth . I also wished they made a 10 blade reel for this model .I'm reely starting to think it is not cutting all the turf and that's why some of us are seeing this line pattern from being double cut in the area where the rear rollers are of a different length  .
We are having another Member / Guest tournament this week . Yesterday we double cut fairways with the groomers engaged . It took care of the lines in a hurry . They look fantastic again .  

All this rain also gave the culvert at the
New Ashburn a good work out . Worked great problems .

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