Friday, August 2, 2013

Large area mower operator protection .

Recently I installed some medium duty mesh on the ROP ( Roll Over Protection )The sidewinder and rough units are always out on the course during play . My 5410 fairway units also received them , occasionally they will get caught by the members . The operators are always trying to look back to see where the next shot is coming from . When installing something on ROPs you have to zip tie or clamp items to it . You cannot weld or drill into them because you may weaken it possibly causing it to fail when / if needed . There are a few models that have factory threaded inserts for attaching items to them .

Heavy duty zip ties where the answer to installing them . Quick and easy .

I couldn't go right to the bottom and left a space so the bonnet can be flipped up for service . Still provided adequate protection . On the sidewinder the area from the bend down was left un zipped so the engine bonnet could be lifted up .

Had great feed back from the operators . They love not having to look back at play behind them . It will defiantly speed up the mowing .  

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