Thursday, July 11, 2013

Toro 5410 Reel Master cutting great .

Yes a Toro 5410 Reelmaster can cut reely well. You have to be tenacious but it can happen . Not 100% the mowers fault . We had some turf conditions that needed attention . The groomers and adjuster upgrades helped improve conditions 100 % . We use to get the 5 - 2" line pattern in the cut . If we get into wet or extra long mowing conditions (puffy or healthy turf )the stripes will come back but will disappear again with extra mowing . I have followed the machines while mowing in puffy turf conditions and you can see the turf springing up after the roller rolls over it . So in the area of the 2 " line the rear roller is about a 2 " difference and I truly believe that instead of getting rolled down again it is spring up high enough to get double cut ( just a little ) The mower in the video is our older 2008 model and it has been a long time figuring out and adjusting to get the cut right . But now that I know ( for this course ) what is causing it and by aggressively grooming we are see a great quality of cut . We just have to mow more often or spray for jumps in growth .

Mowing on 14 fairway at the Old Course . Heavy fog . Tournament Day . Everything's looking pretty good .

    #17 @ Old Course looking down from the back of 16 green .

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