Friday, July 26, 2013

Toro 5410 Rear roller brush belt service

Today was a non mowing day to let the course drain from last nights heavy downfall.
A good day to service the brushes belts on rear roller on the fairway units . I like to clean them up in mid season .For the courses that top dress fairways it may be a good idea to clean them up a few days after the sand settles in . It will save a lot of wear and tear on belts and idler pulleys .
Remove the cover and loosen the nut for the idler pulley belt tensioner.
Found this very handy magnetic tray . Great for holding parts and tools at any angle .

My older model (1600 hrs. + - ) had a couple of seized idler pulleys . A while back I had noticed them getting stiff and ordered a few for back stock . Some of them can be freed up with a good penetrating fluid .

Two of them were 
not salvageable .

Remove any debris in the cover. 
Next take a close look at the belt and pick out any sand particles embedded in the rubber . The pulleys I cleaned up with brake clean and also used a small pick to scrape the grooves out .
 Reassemble everything in reverse order .

I had a few belts with many cracks . I always keep an extra 5 belts on hand . I may use a couple between both machines during the season. With regular service you can get the sand and grass clippings out extending the life of the wearable items . As far as the brush kits on these models have been virtually trouble free for the hours of use on them . If you have had bad experiences with other styles brush kits in the past and are hesitant in buying a set ,don't be . They are # 1 and a joy to work on when needed .  

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