Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Toro 5410 groomer replacement

Finally received all the parts to replace my newer groomers to the older style . All replaced by my dealer ( Veseys ) and Toro under warranty. Do to some of our mowing challenges The newer style where twisting into the shafts and then snapping apart . Today I spent the day replacing the groomers and this is the way I did them .
Started by removing everything on the belt side .Keep track  of any belt alignment shims . I removed the brush belt cover /belt then backing plate for belt pulleys , that way you don't have to change the settings on brush to rear roller .
Reel motor side next . Reel motor off then the nuts have to be removed to get the Allan head bolts out . After removing the groomer adjustment bolt and Allan head bolts you can remove the plate then pull the groomer shaft out .  Rene was asking a few questions while I was taping . I left it in because it is very common for us Golf course mechanics to get interrupted while working . It's part of the job to trouble shoot and help out when you can or direct staff to someone that can answer their questions .

The final step on the belt side. Over all not to bad a job . I used blue Loctite on everything on assembly . 30 to 45 minutes pre reel . You will often see me using 3/8 ths. drive ratchets and sockets, I have a pretty good feel with this size . If I wear to use 1/2 drive I'd be snapping things off left right and center .  
 I managed to replace all the groomers with the old style today and front face 2 fairway units and backlap in .
 Done grooming for another season . It's really making a huge difference for our course to stand the grass up . Major improvement . 

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