Thursday, July 18, 2013

Toro 3500D Sidewinder steel line replaced

I have had these lines since winter . The hydraulic oil and filter was due to be changed out today . This was a good day to tackle the bent up lines from last years roll over . I wound up replacing the center smaller steel line only . The bigger one was still in pretty good shape .
Not an easy task . I found it best to remove anything that may get in the way . All deck motors and decks came of very easily .
I'm replacing the smaller line today . It runs along the backside of the front right tire behind the splash guard to the center section between the decks .The original line was bent from the roll over  and was binding when the decks where sliding back and forth . I managed to do a temporary repair last season to get us by .This would be the perfect time to tackle this job . The course looks good and everything else is cutting great . Inform the Superintendent before tear down so he knows why it's tied up in the shop . Our sidewinder is pretty busy and rarely sits idle for to long .
Draining the hydraulic fluid and changing filter . I mark the filter for the next service interval . I'm at 1650 hrs. So filter gets changed at 1850 and at 2050 will be time to change out hydraulic fluid and filter .

There are a few lines going to be remove just to be able to get the small one in place . Here is a picture of them behind the splash guard. The bottom line I had to pad because the deck was bumping into it once in a while . The other lines remove where the 2 bigger ones in the pic . They are intertwined pretty good so I figured I'd just remove them .
Remove the support plate in front of  front lift arms . It gave me better access to the lines .
With the decks removed I could easily move around to get the hard line nuts off .  
2 bolts that holds this bracket in place have to come out .

After getting the new line in place you may want to get this alignment bracket back in place before tightening up the steel line nuts . It will help keep hold the lines in the correct position .Check hoses and reattach in same location removed from .

All the lines have lined up perfectly . Double check the clearance on the bar that slides under the lines .You don't want it touching . It will wear a hole in it pretty quickly . Before going any further fill the hydraulic reservoir to the mark on the dip stick . I find to get a good prime on start up , loosen the new filter till the hydraulic fluid flows out well then retighten . This way the pump will have oil right at start up . Do not start yet . Let it sit an settle the bubbles out off the hydraulic fluid . While your waiting reinstall the decks and motors . Now start it up and let idle for a good 15 minutes . Work all the controls and check for leaks .  

Chris ( the operator )was waiting in the wings to take it right out . It is important to tell the operator about the repairs and for him to keep an eye and ear out for anything unusual and report it right away to the mechanic .
Motor oil and filter was also due . Chris thinks it works even better now .

Over all the job went well but is fairly time consuming . A good 2 hrs. +

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  1. Just made this repair as well. Prior owner of the mower had replaced the battery, but due to corrosion they didn't bother to tighten down the retainer bolt. The bolt hung down and would catch on both of these lines when the decks were cycled. Ended up crushing/breaking the smaller line forcing it's replacement. I was able to beat the larger line back in shape using a wood block.